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Volleyball Finger Injuries [13 Tips You Really Should Know]

The most common finger injuries in volleyball are sprains, splits and broken bones, usually from blocking or defensive plays. Finger sprains come in 3 degrees of severity, with the 2nd and 3rd degrees keeping you out of the game for a few weeks. Jammed or jarred fingers can be less severe, but may also result in a sprain if you take a particularly bad hit.

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Volleyball knee injuries. The second most common injury to volleyball players caused by repeated pressure to the knee is "jumper's knee", or 'patellar tendinopathy'. Damage to the tendons just below the kneecap or patella are commonplace to sports where quickly turning, jumping, and changing direction are often done.

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You need to make sure that you have full extension here, solid, to contact the ball on this knuckle platform to avoid finger injury. On the hand set, if you do decide to hand-set, the potential for finger injury as well. You're going to have your fingers loose on contact and finish all the way through the ball.

How to Heal Jammed Fingers When Playing Volleyball | SportsRec

Jammed fingers are a common volleyball injury. Your fingers may become jammed as the result of falling onto your outstretched hand or colliding with another player. Setting, spiking or hitting the ball can also result in jammed fingers. A jam occurs when the ligaments or joint capsules of your fingers are forced outside their normal range of motion.

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1. Place your hand flat on a hard surface. 2. Fold gauze neatly and place it between the fingers you wish to tape together, or just around the finger you wish to tape alone. 3. Wrap athletic tape around the base of the finger (s) – wrap up to 3 times. 4.

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If your pain is sharply focused on one spot, or you heard any cracking when you got the injury, then your finger is probably broken near the knuckle. Visit the doctor for treatment.

Bruised Knuckles: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

A hard fall, sports injury, or a fistfight can also cause this injury. This trauma causes your knuckle to swell and bleed under the skin, though there are no broken bones. In milder cases, a ...