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The history of football (soccer)

Football (or soccer as the game is called in some parts of the world) has a long history. Football in its current form arose in England in the middle of the 19th century. But alternative versions of the game existed much earlier and are a part of the football history.

The Origin, History, and Invention of Soccer

Britain Is the Home of Soccer. Soccer began to evolve in modern Europe from the medieval period onwards. Somewhere around the 9th century, entire towns in England would kick a pig’s bladder from one landmark to another. The game was often seen as a nuisance and was even banned during some periods of Britain’s history.

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The earliest known version of British soccer is dated to the 8th Century, when British soldiers invented the game by kicking around the severed head of a Danish prince they had defeated in battle. The news of this victory game spread throughout eastern England, and others began to replicate the brutal, violent game.

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International football began in 1872 when the England national team traveled to Glasgow to play the Scotland national team in the first-ever official international match. It was played on 30 November 1872 at Hamilton Crescent, the West of Scotland Cricket Club 's ground in the Partick area of Glasgow.

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In fact, in the early days of the sport among the upper class of British society, the proper term for the sport was 'SOCCER'. Meaning, it was called 'SOCCER' even before 'FOOTBALL'...Wow!...and sources claim that it was approx 18 years later that 'FOOTBALL' surfaced as a name amongst the British (when the sport became more popular among the middle and lower class).

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Kicking ball games are described in England from 1280. In 1314, Edward II, then the King of England, said about a sport of football and the use of footballs, "certain tumults arising from great footballs in the fields of the public, from which many evils may arise."

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The word “socker” was first used in 1892, then in 1894 (when “rugger” was compared to “socker”) 1895 when it was spelled “soccer” and 1899 when Socker was used without quote marks. In the anglo countries Association Football was called “Sock-er” and other variations, usually in quotes for another couple of decades.

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Records trace the history of soccer back more than 2,000 years ago to ancient China. Greece, Rome, and parts of Central America also claim to have started the sport; but it was England that transitioned soccer, or what the British and many other people around the world call “football,” into the game we know today.